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Nu-lok™ Integrated Solar Roof Panels

Nu-lok has developed photovoltaic solar panels that integrate directly into the Nu-lok Slate Roofing System! Now you can install a distinctive roof that beautifully combines natural slate with solar panels. Nu-lok’s SolarRoof™ technology means there will be no obtrusive solar panels jutting from the roof.

The system’s photovoltaic panels are designed to fit directly into the Nu-lok batten system. The resulting integrated roof not only generates power, it conserves energy and offers a great look. In addition to the energy producing benefits of adding solar panels to the roof, the energy conserving benefits of a Nu-lok slate roof are significant. No other roof has the density and reflective properties of Vermont slate. And the Nu-lok batten support structure self ventilates, creating an insulating barrier of air between the slate, and the roof deck.

If you are planning for a solar future, you can install a Nu-lok slate roof now and upgrade later. In fact, all new and existing Nu-lok roofs can be upgraded with SolarRoof technology.

To learn more about the benefits of SolarRoof technology, please contact us or call 800 946 8565.